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The need for this club was felt in 1988 when a club namely "Civil Services Club" was registered and established. Former Chief Secretary Sindh was the President. The club was extended over 4011 sq. yards area with additional 1.5 acre as car parking / sports facilities. This present Sindh Govt. Officers Club is successor of said club. The management of this club has been asked to take over the said property /assets. So Sindh Government Officer's Club (SGOC) at Bath Island was finally approved in 2010 and is deemed as successor of earlier club.

Our Vision

Our dedicated building with outstanding customer experiences is founded in our commitment for providing community space with smiling hospitality to civil servants. Our focus remains on personalized services to the utmost satisfaction of our members. By striving a balance between care, reliability and entertainment, we ensure quality and fabulous environment. We pledge to provide warm, sincere and engaging services to ensure that our members feel valued. In order to provide maximum facilities to members at affordable cost, the club would operate as a "Non-Profit Organization"

Our Mission

To provide atmosphere and space for refreshing and rejuvenating the civil servants to perform with vigour. SGOC is a progressive, enlightened and the only entertainment welfare project of Sindh Government of its own nature which provides best recreational, entertainment, sports and civil facilities to its members in an aesthetically vibrant living environment. The exclusive club SGOC known by its class are meant to provide respite and recreation to its members and their families. The club is epitome of exquisite, ecstatic and exotic centres and heaven for member to relax, refresh and to revive their energies. SGOC is not only hub of entertainment, recreation, sports and qualitative catering but also distinguished by ideal amalgamation of modern lifestyle with traditional mannerism.

Patron-in-Chief's Message

I am confident that Management, Staff and officers of the club, will spare, no efforts in maintaining the highest standard of the club. It is their solemn duty to build upon the trust of its members and to uphold the good name, reputation and credibility at all times. It gives me immense pleasure acknowledging that the SGOC has come into operational mode. Top class club facilities awaiting all the members to take advantage. I hope and expect all members to make best use of club facilities while following strictly its rules & Bylaws in true letter and spirit.

I wish Sindh Government Officers’ Club and its administration all the success in their future plans. May Allah blessings be with you in all your endeavors”

Mr. Syed Asif Hyder Shah

Patron-in-Chief's Sindh Govt. Officers' Club

Chief Secretary Govt of Sindh

President's Message

“It gives me great pleasure to felicitate the honorable members and staff of SGOC on the hoisting of SGOC web page. The web will provide an ideal opportunity to inform and update the valued members / stakeholders about the imprints of the futuristic steps and activities devised for the recreation and services of members and their household. It is encouraging that SGOC is on a fast track, swiftly moving forward. SGOC exhibit unique dynamics, where staff and members collaborate in complete unison and harmony to achieve the goals of a healthy and vibrant club life. The newly established library aims to become an icon, continually illuminating and providing guidance, inspiration, and motivation for our young generation.


I would urge the valued members to keep playing pivotal role in providing feedback and invaluable information through their regular presence in the club. A positive feedback will insure pragmatic policies to constantly improve the club facilities. I wish all the honorable members a very pleasant experience while using the club facilities, It is currently, the entire club team endeavoring to make this club a unique experience for its members. The club facilities are of high quality and members are encouraged to use them at their convenience”

Mr. Muhammad Siddique Memon

( President Sindh Govt. Officers' Club)

Vice President's Message

“ At SGOC, we take immense pride in fostering a culture of collaboration and unity among our dedicated staff and esteemed members. Together, we are dedicated to realizing our collective vision of a thriving and inclusive club environment. I encourage each of you to actively engage with the club and contribute your valuable feedback and insights. Your participation is instrumental in shaping the direction of our club and ensuring that we continue to exceed your expectations.

As you avail yourselves of the exceptional facilities and services offered by SGOC, I am confident that you will find them to be of the utmost quality, tailored to meet your diverse needs and preferences. Our dedicated team remains steadfast in their commitment to providing you with an unparalleled experience at SGOC.

In closing, I extend my sincerest best wishes to all our esteemed members for a truly enjoyable and enriching journey with SGOC. Together, let us embark on this path towards excellence, united in our pursuit of creating unforgettable moments and cherished memories''

Mr. Muhammad Waseem

( Vice President Sindh Govt. Officers' Club)

Secretary SGOC's Message

The start of SGOC heralds a new hope and inspiration for a bright and shinning aesthetic experience for the members. SGOC with a changed format and reinvigorated vision is moving ahead. The web page of SGOC delineates the details of versatile activities updates and futuristic plans. It is an exciting document.

There has been a change of “Guard” at the top. Mr. Muhammad Siddique Memon has taken over again the responsibilities of SGOC as President. Insha Allah, will steer the club to new heights of glory and success.


It was the support, interest and cooperation of CMC and the esteemed members, which kept me, live, and active for which I sincerely thank them. As always, I will be looking forward to suggestion and valuable comments of valued members to keep the show on the road. May Allah Guide me in

my endeavors to make the club active and fruitful. Ameen

Lt. Col. (R) Muhammad Iqbal Malik

Secretary Sindh Govt. Officer's Club

About us

The Sindh Government Officers Club is inaugurated on Sunday 6th January, 2019. It has an area of 7500Sq. Yards and located at Bath Island Clifton Karachi. It has many indoor and outdoor sports facilities to provide relaxation and excellent food with impeccable services to its valued members.

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G.O.R-1 Sindh Govt Offices Club Bath Island Clifton Karachi. 75500

Phone : 021-99251730, 0333-2340064

Email: sindhgovtofficersclub@gmail.com

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